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You may be an alpaca breeder if....

A humorous look at the alpaca "lifestyle"

Owning alpacas has brought many changes and new experiences to my life. I often find what we do rather funny so I salute you my fellow breeders in the style of Jeff Foxworthy.
You might be an Alpaca Breeder if...
1. You have gone to the barn in your PJ's.
2. You have accidently de-wormed yourself.
3. Going to a show has nothing to do with a movie or theatre production.
4. You have lube and gloves and aren't afraid to use them.
5. When you talk about beans, it has nothing to do with navy... read full article

Mighty Mites: Chorioptic Skin Disease in Alpacas

You can view this article on our personal web site at www.HappyTailsAlpacas.com. We value the contributions Drs. Ed and Ruthanne McCaslin have made to the alpaca community and have posted this article with their permission.... read full article