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Services Offered

Please call us at 704 855-5434 or e-mail us at HappyTailsAlpacaFarm@yahoo.com  to discuss any of the services listed below. References are available. Fees vary based on services rendered.

Alpaca Birthing By Char

Do you need someone to keep an eye on your pregnant dam? Do you wish to leave town and have no one to watch your dam? If so, please considering having your dam agist with our farm during her final month of pregnancy. We have completed Dr. Cheryl DeWhitt's neo-natal clinic and wet lab. We have witnessed many births on our farm and others. Our vet is on call 24/7. I am on farm full time and can keep a close watch on your dam. With enough notice, I can even stay at your farm if needed for a weekend.  We have barn cameras and you can watch your dam whenever you wish.

Alpaca Boarding & Agistment

Are you looking for a place to board your alpacas where they will receive the personalized attention that they deserve?  Do you want someone who has experience with boarding alpacas?  We are a hands-on farm and really get to know your alpacas and their individual behaviors.  By knowing what's normal for each alpaca we have caught several health issues very early and avoided expensive vet fees and the alpacas made rapid recoveries due to early diagnosis.  We are a BVD negative farm and worm based on fecals.  A vet health inspection and a fecal test are required prior to boarding.  Farm chores/labor can be applied towards part of your boarding fees.

Show Services by Char

Have a conflict and can't make a show?  Send your alpaca with us.  I will take care of everything and show your alpacas like they are my own.  I've shown for several farms and even judges.  References available upon request.

Alpaca Training by Char

Would you like for your alpacas to be successful in the performance ring? We have found that training all of our alpacas for obstacle actually helps them in the halter ring. They are easier to manage and less stressed at shows. Want to train your alpaca yourself? I will be glad to coach you. I am a 4-H leader and have successfully coached both adults and youth to take the blue ribbon in obstacle/performance competitions.

Hay Loft Construction by Rick and Char

Would you like to add a hay loft to your barn?  We would be happy to build one for you.

Price based on project size and lumber prices.

Pasture Aeration Services by Rick

Does your pasture need to be aerated in order to achieve better growth?  I have a rotary hoe and would love to put it to work on your farm!

Pricing and Terms:  $30.00/Acre plus mileage at $0.50/mile (to and from your location if your location is more than 5 miles from our home).

Pricing depends on the number of acres to be aerated as well as distance to your farm. 

One thing you can be confident of is our services will be provided at a reasonable price!

Bush Hog Mowing Service by Rick

Do you have a lot or field that needs mowing?  I have a tractor and bush hog and I enjoy using them.  Mowing helps control unwanted weeds in your pasture.

$30/Acre plus $0.50/Mile (mileage to and from your location if more than 5 miles from our home).

Functional Farm Design & Layout by Rick

Are you new to raising alpacas?  Would you like assistance with the design and layout for your operations?  We visited many farms to determine what works best with alpacas.

Updated January 10, 2016